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Frozen Too Adventures

Dress for the outdoors! Wear your best Frozen outfits, hats, mittens, coats and capes and enjoy your wintery journey. Anna's Kristoff is at our farm leading his shaggy "reindeer/pony" for a wintery sleigh ride around our snowy field. Lots to see and do during your time at Woolley Wonderland Farm in Lakehurst, Ontario.

Reserve your specific time with Online Booking for weekend adventures from February 20th and then during March Break.

Arrive and park by our porta-potty (for your freshening up convenience and hand sanitizing). You'll be greeted by our staff member who will verify your booking, review Covid screening questions and check for masks. (all guests over the age of 5 must wear a mask). We will get you oriented to our snow zones and lead your group to the starting point.

Activities to entertain: from Ring Toss with Sven, spotting Bruni the Fire Spirit, and photogenic Olaf are in zone ONE. It's summer here all year round with Olaf on the beach! Give Olaf a warm hug or get silly for the camera in your own way. If the snow is just right... Do you want to build a snowman? or perhaps a snow chicken? We could have a complete snow farm by the time our visits are done each day. Can YOU build Olaf?

Time to meet Kristoff. If you have a fancy dress, and wish a photo moment wearing your Anna or Elsa costume - with Kristoff: Layer-Up and be ready for a quick photo. Your family will then take turns being escorted on a sleigh ride. Frozen tunes will play as you glide across the snowy field. Three little kiddos OR one adult plus a child can fit each trip around. Continue to make family memories as you are led through the wintery tree-lined zone. Mix and match who is in the sleigh for each ride. Take lots of video and photos to share with those outside your bubble.

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna houses our miniature Critters including "reindeer/pony” meet and greet. Your kiddos can pet, brush and have their photos taken with our mini, shaggy equines. Bronwyn and Angus are animal therapy buddies who will warm your heart. Oaken has other visiting farm friends at the trading post including a mini cow, donkey, goats, ducks, sheep and alpaca for you to meet.

Finally: Purchase your hot chocolate @ $2 and snowflake cookies @ $5 to enjoy as you warm your body parts by a bonfire. Enjoy some chat time with your family and sit to relax for your 20-minute last stop. Feel free to leave when you are done. Say "So-long!” to your Frozen Too Friends and wrap up your visit with final hand sanitizing and potty stop before getting ready for the ride home.

Fees: $75 per group of up to eight people from the same household. Maximum 2 vehicles per booking. There are no discounts for smaller groups. Spend 80 Minutes in the snowy outdoors with the four zones (20 minutes per zone).

Please read the full description online as you book your TIMED appointment. There are no refunds or changes so please book carefully. Arrive at least 5 minutes early. Wait by your vehicle.

This is an outdoor adventure. Please: dress for the weather! Stay with your group at all times.
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