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Basic Critter Visit Information

COVID 2020 UPDATE: We currently booking to come to your location if the provincial guidelines permit travel and gatherings. The number of guests attending is also dependant on the "zone" you are in for the event date.

A $10 non-refundable deposit

is required to make a booking. If for any reason your event must have a date change, we will work with you to find an alternate. There will be no change fee during the current restrictions. Full payment will be due 2 days prior to the event. You will get an invoice with options to pay by Credit Card or E-Transfer.


for a basic Critter Visit, featuring at least 5 breeds of critters, start at $225 plus travel, applicable tolls and taxes.

For larger animals there is an additional charge of $150 (ponies, donkeys, alpacas, cows)
Our farm is not open to the public for Tours. We are hosting Santa and Sleigh Days in December. Click HERE to for information

Virtual Critter Visits

are also available. For the classroom, community living, retirement or seniors centre, you can call on us to bring some fuzzy friends live on screen. Our interactive sessions have information HERE
For Personal Events at your Location: Critter Visits are the perfect solution to mark an early milestone in the single digits or surprising a family gathering. All ages engage with the mini farm animals and with each other.
Our team will arrive and set up inside or outside (weather dependent … and with the health and safety of you and our animals always in mind).
INSIDE EVENT:Tarps are set down to protect the floor then covered with a bed of straw. See-through gates create a Critter Zone and the animals are set into this area.
The Critter Collection are introduced to your guests by breed including how to pet and hold. After Masking-Up, guests are invited to visit in appropriate-sized groups.
Parents must always be near and may join them inside our gated area … to take photos, to answer questions and to enjoy the experience.
Parents are required to always be near and usually join them inside our gated area … to take photos, to answer questions and to enjoy the experience.


Our team works with your co-ordinator to find the best location for the season - shade for the heat of the day, or a warm sunny spot, out of the wind if the temperatures are cooler.
The gates are set up and Critters set inside the area. Sometimes our larger animals can be led around on a leash in the backyard as a treat for the guest of honour and their friends.
Guests are invited into the pens to spend time with the Critters - to hold and cuddle - to pet and to enjoy their unique personalities.
Most events are 60 minutes in length and are set for a group of up to 10 people
From darling ducklings who may take a swim, to soft and cuddly lambs to snuggle … the smiles will be plentiful and the memories golden.

Our Fantasy Farm Friends allow us to dress-up the critters them in frilly, sporty, super or silly costumes? Add an extra $35 to $75 to your booking fee.
For older children, we have a great one-hour visit and they can take the Critters for a walk on the leashes if we're outside and handle the smallest while they wait their turn for the main enclosure. Leaping miniature goats, rabbits and our most recent babies will come along to make their day special.

We've got Magical Unicorns pulling a Carriage, Cart or Sleigh.
Our Princess Carriage can take your kiddos for a ride around the yard or park. Our Carriage, Cart and Sleigh can hold up to 3 smaller children as well as an adult plus a child. We have the right to work with the party host to ensure the safety of our clients and critters.
1Permits and permissions must be arranged by the party host if using public spaces for the ride area.
Fees start at $250 with two dedicated staff.

Anniversaries & Family Gatherings are made special with the Critters arriving for your guests. Adults can tell farm tales to wee ones, while seniors share their knowledge of living on the farm too.
" Do you remember your first horse ride?"
" Did I tell you the story of riding a sheep at the fair?"
" I hatched eggs in my grade one class and it was such fun!"
" Gramma collected eggs as her chore when she was just 5 years old!"
Let us help bring the family together in a whole new way. City slickers develop bragging rights with the first time they pet a chicken or snuggle wee piggy.
Add the magic of hatching eggs on your day
We can time a clutch of eggs to hatch near your special day!
Depending on availability, our egg incubator can be rented to hatch eggs in your home.
For a fee of $120 for chicks or $200 for ducks (plus HST) we provide you with a complete package. You will get the loan of the incubator with a clear, domed top so you can watch the hatch, automatic egg turner, thermometer and humidity meter. You will get a step-by-step instruction book, colorful eggs as well as chick/duck food with a feeder and vitamin powder and a drinker bottle. We're an email or phone call away with any questions you may have along the journey. The incubator must be returned to our schedule. Click on the HATCHING PROGRAM link for full details.
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