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With a last name like Woolley, it was pretty easy to pick our first breed of livestock for the farm. Sheep.
We began with a set of 6 commercial assorted sheep, purchased from a neighbour farmer. Since then we have invested in pure bred as well as commercial sheep of various breeds.
Southdown Babydoll Sheep - the Smiling Sheep
We've got our happiest rams ever with Heithcliffe and Sidney, the registered, pure-bred Southdown Babydolls. This miniature breed of sheep is stocky and small in stature and has a fleece around the face that makes them look like their smiling! Babydolls can be brown, black and white in colour and thus mixed and mottled too.
Joining the flock in 2016 were Diana and Katherine (princesses for sure). And introducing Hermione, Victoria and Elizabeth. Registered lambs will be available in early summer 2020.

Shetland Keeping it small is what we love to do.


Coco, Crème Brule, Caramel and Jenelle have long fleeces but are tiny in stature. We have cross bred them with our Babydoll ram to keep them small but add other desired features (like the smile!) The Fleeces are most wonderful!

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