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Pot Belly Pigs - miniature for sure but not micro.
(There really is no such thing at a Micro Pig ... more like baby piggies bred to have babies - It is possible to begin to breed a pig when they are just 3 months old! Not at Woolley Wonderland!)
A full sized market pig can weigh over 300lbs.
While all pigs grow for up to 3 years before settling into a set weight, Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs may grow to over 100 lbs.

People ALWAYS ask us "How big will they grow?"
The size of a pig depends on what you feed them as well as the parent genetics.
For pet and house pigs, we recommend Mini Pig Chow from your specialty feed store or purchase on-line.
The more you feed them, the bigger they will grow. NO BREEDER can guarantee the final size of a piggy .... EVER.

New to Piggies? We also suggest "PotBellied Pig Behavior and Training" by Priscilla Valentine. Borrow it through your local library or inter-library loan or buy a copy.

nursing pigs

Our collection of piggies have included Ham Solo, Sidney Crosby and the gals: Bella and noelle.

tiny pig

(Remember NEVER to buy an INTACT male unless you wish to breed. They will not make good house pets!)

Pigs like to be parallel to the floor and not curled up and bent like a rabbit, cat or dog. They have no fur to keep themselves warm so they must be indoors or basking under heat lamp through the winter's cold. They can still go outside to "do their business" if you have one as a house pig.

baby piggies

The Piggies are so smart and can be trained to keep them busy with ball play, crate training for house pigs and naturally fall into litter pan use. Pigs are very clean and the classic mud pond you see a pig in would be to keep cool on a hot day.

WARNING: pigs will grow if you feed them lots. (Children will also grow lots if you feed them fast food for 3 meals a day!) So feed smart, feed healthy. WE are always asked "HOW BIG WILL THEY GROW?" and the answer is "It depends on how much you feed them." No breeder would EVER guarantee the final size of a Pot Belly or Mini pig. While the size of the parents are part of the equation, it will be up to the owner to feed them well, appropriately and keep them exercised and in good health. Find a great vet that takes Pot Belly piggies, trim toe nails often, and give them lots of fresh air, snuggles and attention. THINK CAREFULLY as they live as long as dogs so consider the entire life of your piggy pal!
big pig
Daisy is a happy house pig and is loved by her family.
They understand how to care for her at this size.
(She was not one of our piggies by the way ... I just love this photo!)

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