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We're pleased to know so many customers enjoy purchasing laying hens from us.
Some backyard chicken lovers just aren't sure how to start … and we have the solution!
Woolley Wonderland can set you up with a way to enjoy eggs every day from hens in your own backyard!

You will be able to come to the farm to pick up your kit and select your chooks.
Our Coops will fit on the roof rack of your car or on a trailer. (bring tie downs)
You can keep the hens for ONE MONTH for the base price of $300 for the complete kit described above.
Extra hens are added at $25 each, per month
A deposit of $250 is required for all rentals, payable immediately to reserve your booking. WE take credit cards, checks, internet money transfers and cash.

At the end of your month you can:
A: return the hens and coop
B: rent for a second month for an additional $250 with extra food and shavings to be picked up from our farm
C: Outright purchase the coop and "your" hens for $400 (deposit held plus $150)

Our Coops will comfortably hold up to 4 laying hens with a nesting box accessible from the outside. The space for the chickens to strut around will have strong wire to protect from foxes, dogs and predators … to keep your gals safe and healthy.
A door to access the inside will allow you to clean the shavings out and make the space healthy and happy.
You can move the Coop around on the grass to provide the hens with access to bugs and greens. This helps from getting your lawn too mucky as well. Just lift and move a few feet every day or so.
Our feed comes from a local vendor with corn, grains and proteins for laying hens. You can supplement the food with veggie scraps and other treats from your table.
Don't forget to have a sprinkling of the small stones that hens swallow and use to grind up the food in their crops.
We're a call away if you have any questions on your adventure.

We take back our hens when you're done so you can continue your summer vacation without worry or long term commitment.

A VERY limited number our packages are available!
Deposits of $250 accepted to reserve your coop. We accept credit cards, internet money transfers, checks and cash.
Call 705 772-9999 to talk to Karen.

Coops and Hens IS ALREADY SOLD OUT FOR 2017 .... sorry!

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