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Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Thumblellina joined our farm Easter weekend in 2013 and has been on the road with us ever since. A pure-bred Nigerian Dwarf …. she has lots of lovely colour to her from whites, browns, caramels and black too. Her body is in perfect proportion to a full size goat even though she won't grow larger than 18 inches at her shoulder. She has been disbudded and will not grow horns.
Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for their small size but incredible ability to produce rich milk in great quantity for their size. This makes them preferred for countries where people don't have very much but want a supply of milk and cheese. This breed eats less than a full-sized goat and the milk production is wonderful in return.
Thumbellina is a prize winner at the fairs and we hope to have her out again this year in the goat ring.
Have you ever noticed the eyes of a goat? They have pupils that are rectangular!

It's important to know the correct way to visit with any animal you don't know.
Always ask the owner or handler before you approach an animal new to you for any tips …. whether it's a dog or goat!
We have been careful to teach all our Critter Visit guests never to pet goats or sheep on the top of the head. We train them with manners that cause them to lift their chins as you tickle them under there, instead of the behaviour of lowering the head … and to keep from being a head-butt.
Does Sparkle and Thumbellina have been joined by our new Registered Nigerian Dwarf gals and their pal. Watch here for information on the kidding this fall.
Our newest trio to join the farm are Registered Nigerians.

Potting Shed Kaj Karly has had triplets and quads here at Woolley Wonderland

Doeling Woolley Wonderland Ariel

Doeling Woolley Wonderland Gabriella

Mr. Fitz joined the farm spring 2016 and this moon spotted, blue eyed buck continues to throw amazing kids

Great lines from Mr. Hogan who is newest to our breeding program.

Please contact us if you wish to be added to our RESERVE list on doelings, bucklings or wethers. We post the news of their arrival at birth and then they are ready for your deposit to hold your choice. We keep our kids with their mums for 8 weeks before releasing. They will be vet checked and disbudded unless otherwise requested. Bucklings are weathered at less than 4 weeks unless reserved as intact.

We prefer to have our "polled" or "horn-less" goats travelling as they fit in our cages better and will not get caught up on our pens either.

Male goats are known for a strong scent if they are intact and we won't go into how that scent is strengthened … but needless to say the female goats love it. It seems to be slightly offensive to us humans. We highly recommend all goats to be disbudded and will not grow horns.
katie the goat
When a goat scared or upset, the "hackles" or line of hair on the centre of her back goes up like a mohawk down the centre of her back. In winter goats grow a warm coat so they can wander inside the barn and even outside in the snow.


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