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Call Ducks
We were introduced to this breed of miniature duck at the Fur and Feather Club in Fenelon Falls and fell in love. Where a standard Pekin eating duck grows so fast and so large, this sweet breed stay the size of a 3 week-old Pekin all their lives. They are known to have a broad short bill and are very tame. Lightening and Thunder … our breeding pair come on the road with us regularly.

Black East Indies Ducks
Another wonderful miniature breed, this black duck as a metallic sheen to it's feathers with tones of turquoise, green and purple showing in the brilliant sunlight. Slightly larger than the call ducks, they remain of a similar size and for us … the right size to house all winter in our barn with less mess than our full sized lady.

Crested Duck
We couldn't think of letting PomPom go to another farm. This black farm duck was hatched as part of our incubator program in 2014. She appeared with a tuft on her head which comes from a crack in her cranium. A delicate breed with a lovely disposition, crested ducks lay very large, white shelled eggs through the spring and summer. We added WHITE crested ducks in 2017 - Mozart, Beethoven and Hillary each have unique "hair do's". Did you meet them at the Linday Ex?

Pekin Ducks
Donald Duck? Yup, he was a Pekin in my books. And surprisingly enough, the female ducks have a louder quack than the males. You can also tell them apart with the curled "sexing" feather in the tail on the males when they are fully feathered.

tail feather

Pekins are you common eating ducks and tend not to fly. As babies, they are all yellow, sweet and fuzzy.

Khaki Campbells
A superb egg layer, you'll find these ducks on many farms producing an egg every day or so all year around. They have pretty plumage and like all ducks - swimming is what they do best. Settle a few in on your pond with a duck house for security at night and you'll be in the swim too.

Indian Runners
You'll know these ducks by the tall necks and upright carriage. Mosquitoes don't stand a chance with these ducks around and they are fun to herd for the boarder collies. Non-flyers, we find these to be very popular with customers.
clutch of ducklings


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