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baby bunnies

We currently have our favourite Halt the rabbit who has come to most visits for the last 13 years. He's super friendly and will be held by gentle children every time. His coat is coloured like a calico cat and is known as a harlequin.
Our collection includes LionHead, Holland Lop and Mini Rex (velvet) Rabbits as well.


Rabbits have claws like cats and can scratch. It's important to trim them regularly.
Did you know their teeth keep growing? It's important to have a good diet including dry hay and allowing them to chew on wood. Apple or Cherry branches are great.

Bunnies are far from silent too. If a rabbit really wants attention, they can literally scream. That shocks a person in to dropping them and off they go. Baby bunnies make squeaking and cooing sounds looking for their mom to nurse.


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