Peking ducks lay huge eggs and are in demand for egg production. Thanks to you, the kind-nature and friendly disposition of the ducks make them fine farm friends! They are great bug-eaters and we have clients who are waiting to purchase them as pets as they don’t fly away. 

Other breeds may look like stretched out penguins and won’t fly but are super bug eaters in gardens. Did you know some ducks can be agility trained through a Ninja Course for Ducks? Why not see what YOUR duck can learn with a bit of food and your training!

There are tiny ducks that won’t grow very big at all and are in high demand for showing at fairs and exhibitions. 

When a client buys a duck, it is not up to us, the farm vendor, to dictate what happens to that bird. They may live a good life and be a delicious meal for a restaurant when they open again or a special dinner at a wedding supper. We can not guarantee the final purpose of every duck.

We can provide them with a super life while they live on our farm with our pond and other friends to swim and play with.

When things are “normal” our road trips with Critter Visits love to meet your ducks for our events, parties and school visits. The popularity of our program has us searching for other breeds too. 

We know you’ll have a duckie time and build joyful memories during your time with our ducks.